Friday, December 12, 2014

"Food Fit For a King"

Thailand is the longest reigning Monarchy in the World!  The expression "Food Fit for a King" might very well have been coined in old Siam.  Today the vast majority of Thai restaurants, especially outside of the homeland, serve "common" Thai cuisine.  This is not so much due to any sort of social caste system, but because the depth of knowledge of classic and royal Thai cuisine has long been lost amongst the youth of today's modern Thai restaurants.  

Duangrat's has been serving the DC Metro since 1987 and is the area's longest operating Thai restaurant.  Duangrat's is proud to remain classic and traditional- this is a dying breed in today's restaurant scene.  

Duangrat's takes the expression of this blog title literally.  We are proud to be the official Thai cuisine caterer of the Royal Thai Embassy in Washington D.C.  We are also the only Thai restaurant in the DC Metro area entrusted to prepare "royal" style Thai dishes for visiting members of the Royal Thai family.  This month, the Thai Embassy contracted Duangrat's to provide over 5,000 finger hors d'oeuvres for guests at its Thai National Day gala at The Willard Intercontinental Hotel.  

At Duangrat's, you don't have to be be royalty to eat like one.  Enjoy Thai cuisine made by those who make "Food Fit for a King"…

200 hand-made pieces, 4,800 more to go!