Sunday, September 2, 2012

CRAFT BEER feature: Southern Tier's "Pumking" Beer

Lake Wood, NY

Southern Tier makes some of the finest craft beers around.  With extremely limited, seasonal releases, their beers have garnered a cult status.  

Just in time for Fall, we managed to get a hold of just one case of their pumpkin brew- 
it’s like pumpkin pie in a bottle! 
Very limited supply, don't miss it- when it's gone, it's gone!
$OLD OUT (22 oz.)

Wine Feature: Villa Pozzi Moscato

Sicily, Italy

The perfect wine pairing to Thai cuisine.  Moscato has a crisp, natural fruit sweetness that is not overwhelming.  Balances well to our spicy seafood dishes. 
If you enjoy sweet Rieslings, you’ll love Moscato!

Duangrat's is frying up some Thai "Sticky Wings"!!!

Born and raised here (in NoVA), when I’m not eating Thai food, I crave good ol’ “American” comfort food.  Luckily, it seems to me that the last 3-5 years have seen a re-emergence of comfort food appearing in the unlikely menus of both upscale and ethnic restaurants.

What gives?  I think with the slow economy, savvy chefs & restaurateurs are keen on offering food that not only makes people feel good eating, but without the guilt of splurging money on the luxury of dining out! 

Duangrat’s is proud to roll out our soon to be famous “Sticky Wings”!  You heard that right…move over Bonchon!  These are extra crispy fried roaster wings glazed with our Thai rendition of “sticky sauce”- caramelized palm sugar & fish sauce.  The texture is perfect- just enough of the “sticky” to seal in the flavor, not enough "gooey"- to diminish the crisp.   The taste?  Who doesn’t love sweet, salty & spicy? 

Did I mention Michel Richard (Citronelle/ Central) is doing fried chicken?!  Indeed, fried chicken transcends every culture & cuisine.  “Sticky sauce” throughout Southeast Asia, is as traditional as “buffalo sauce” is in America.  Duangrat's has always been inspired by authenticity, but not limited by it.  This is our interpretation of "wings".  Enjoy our plate of six hearty roaster wings served with traditional sides of papaya “slaw” & sticky rice- $15.