Tuesday, July 25, 2023


After an extraordinary 40+ year run of our beloved Duangrat’s Market and Rabieng Restaurant around the corner, the Duangrat family has decided to consolidate those two businesses into one unified, streamlined concept that pays homage to the best of both.  With the closing of one chapter, begins the next ….


As a Generation X’er, the 80’s were my formative years as a young adult.  One of my fondest adolescent memories was a high school graduation trip to my parents’ hometown of Bangkok, Thailand.  Fast forward to present day; this trip in the Summer of ’89 serves as the inspiration and theme of my newest concept.  


“One Night in Bangkok” is a fun, casual, whimsical and immersive Thai dining experience.  The cafĂ©'s retro vibe is a throwback to my vivid recollections of the sights, sounds, smells and flavors of Thai street food, night markets and nightlife as seen thru the lens of my teenage-self for the first time.  This coming-of-age moment left a life-long lasting impression on me.  I can't wait to transport you back to Thailand with me and share "One Night in Bangkok"!


Eddie Duangrat

* Featuring Thai street food, sweets, Asian pantry, gift shop, beer & wine, weekend grab & go, dim sum, 80's tunes and lots of neon * 

(Located @ Duangrat's, 2nd floor)