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Friday, March 20, 2020


Dear friends, 

It's been an unprecedented week for all of us to say the least!  We are so grateful and humbled by your thoughts, support and patronage during these uncertain times and always.  We hope that everyone is safe and in good health.  We look forward to getting through this together and a return to life as we know it.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

OPEN DAILY AT 3 PM (temporary hours)

We are OPEN DAILY from 3PM - 9PM

Hello friends, 
we are open for carry-out 703-820-5775
third-party delivery (PostMates, DoorDash, etc.) 

Phone payment & curb-side pick-up available upon request.

Discount Beer & Wine TO-GO! 

Rabieng, our sister restaurant, 
is open daily from 11AM - 8:30PM

We look forward to getting though this together, 
see you soon and be safe!

Please read our post regarding
Covid-19 below.

Friday, March 13, 2020

A note to our valued customers regarding Covid-19

Dear valued patrons & friends,

In these uncertain times, please know that your well-being is always our first priority and we are taking necessary pre-cautions to help mitigate spread of the Corona Virus.  

In addition to practicing safe food handling procedures per Health Department guidelines; we are frequently & thoroughly washing our hands w/ anti-bacterial soap and/or using hand sanitizer, minimizing bare hand contact and/or wearing disposable gloves, wiping down high-contact surfaces and menus with bleach and spraying disinfectant where appropriate.  Any staff experiencing illness/ symptoms will be sent home until recovery.  With this said, according to the CDC, there is no evidence that this Virus is spread through food.  

Thankfully, we are all healthy at this point and we hope the same for you.  In the meantime, we are monitoring the news and following federal & local guidelines.  

As always, our full menu is available for carry-out and delivery is available through all major third-parties (Door Dash, Postmates, Grub Hub, Uber Eats).  Don't forget we have a market around the corner stocked with ingredients for cooking Thai at home.  Here, you'll also find a pop-up noodle shop called "Zaap" for a quick bite, carry-out and daily-made grab & go Thai street fare.   

We look forward to getting through this tough period together and seeing you soon!  Please be safe and as always, thank you for your support.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

DOOR DASH (Postdates, Grub Hub, Uber Eats) customers please read!

Third-party delivery customers please read

If you are ordering our food through DoorDash (DD), please be aware that you are contracting a third-party delivery service.  Some restaurants are officially partnered with DD, we are not.  Those restaurants allow DD to jack up their menu prices to compensate for the commission taken by DD.  DD also charges the customer a fee.  We are not fans of this "double-dipping" practice.  Rather, we believe in fair, face-value pricing and transparency.  There is no contract or compensation between DD and Duangrat's.  

In cases such as ours, there is no line of communication between DD and our restaurant (other than when a DD agent phones us your order).  If for instance, a mistake is made or we are unable to fulfill orders (power outage, holiday, etc.), we have no means to rectify or relay info to the customer or a DD administrator.

DD is able to circumvent an official partnership by basically passing itself off as the customer.  In this capacity, DD has literally copied & pasted our menu onto its website without our consent or permission.  When you place an order via the DD website, a DD agent phones us your order with your name.  Your credit card payment is collected only by DD.  The DD driver pays us upon pick-up with a DD issued credit card.  The entire transaction is "under the radar" so to speak, as we assume we are dealing directly with our customer, when in fact it is DD.  All is fine and dandy until there is a mistake, delay, etc...

With that said, we recognize that in today’s World, a third-party delivery service is convenient and mutually beneficial to all three parties involved.   Mistakes have been few and far between, so we will allow DD to carry on.  However, for aforementioned reasons, we cannot take responsibility for any errors, delays, issues, that may arise with your DD delivery.  In this case, DO NOT CALL THE RESTAURANT, please sort the issue out with DD.  

Should we determine that DD’s service is disruptive and/ or misrepresents our brand, products & services, we will take action to have DD remove our menu from its website. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summertime, soft-shells and other seafood musings!

Hi friends!  It's Summertime finally (did we have a Spring?!) and that means it's soft-shell crab season.  Soft crabs are not their own breed, they're simply blue crabs caught in transition- when the crab has outgrown and shed its exoskeleton, but before its newly formed shell becomes hard again.  

For the 30 years we've been in business, we've sourced our soft crabs from the same local, family-owned supplier in Easton, MD- Baxter Soft Crabs.  The Baxter family is the best source for soft crabs in the mid-Atlantic, it is exclusively their bread & butter!  Thanks to our decades long relationship, we get the season's first catch and cream of the crop!

We source "jumbo" soft crabs battered with Japanese Panko bread crumbs, served hot & crisp and topped with your choice of one signature sauce:  Chili Basil, Bhram peanut curry, Five-Spice, Sweet & Sour.  Soft crab season starts when it's warm in May and tapers off in September, so come and get 'em!  

On the topic of seafood, Duangrat's does not bill itself as a seafood restaurant, but we serve plenty of it!  Duangrat's procures white domestic wild caught shrimp, seasonal soft crabs, live whole Maine lobsters, sea scallop, and a diverse portfolio of quality fish:  wild king salmon, red snapper, rainbow trout, Chilean sea bass, rockfish, flounder, cod.  We procure our seafood fresh when possible, at least 3 times a week from only two boutique seafood suppliers based in Maryland's Eastern shore- not a big box restaurant supply wholesaler.