Sunday, December 3, 2023


Dear patrons,

It has been brought to our attention that Duangrat's is listed on the Uber Eats platform.  For the record, Duangrat's has never partnered with UE or any other third party delivery service- this is a fraudulent listing!

Apparently, a scammer posing as the business owner has copied and pasted an (outdated) online menu onto the UE platform and has opened up a Duangrat's "storefront" using his own credentials.  Ironically, this means that the real owner of Duangrat's, does not have matching credentials to verify and access the bogus account in order to remove this fake storefront.  In short, our own business has not been hacked per se, but hijacked!  

We can only speculate that the scammer has set up his own deposit bank account to receive sales proceeds from payments captured via the UE payment portal.  Remember, since the REAL Duangrat's is not officially partnered with UE, Duangrat's does not have any interface to actually see or receive orders and payments.  Therefore, any cancellations and payment refunds must be pursued with Uber Eats.  

Furthermore, the scammer has listed an incorrect business address for Duangrat's.  We believe this is to divert attention and buy time by keeping the real business, the customer and delivery driver in the dark with the scam in order to make it difficult or impossible for the customer to make a timely order cancellation and receive a refund.  

Uber Eats is also not inclined to help merchants (especially those who can't verify their own identity) because for now, it receives easy passive revenue in form of a 25-30% commission from every purchase on its platform!  This is another reason to not support these third party delivery services...

Duangrat's can only advise that any customer who has fallen prey to this scam; to report it to Uber Eats and to dispute the charge with the credit card issuer.  Perhaps UE will remove the listing if enough customers report this scam and it starts losing money from chargebacks.  We apologize for the headache, we are victims too!